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About Avansai

We are committing to fix the recruitment industry by offering a superior experience to our clients and candidates.

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Who we are

We are an IT recruitment agency and a technological company founded in 2019 in Montreal, QC, Canada. We were co-founded by two IT recruitment experts and two technology experts.

What we do

We are creating a new online job marketplace where candidates and employers meet. Our platform will leverage over hundred of structured data points to ensure candidates only get matched to relevant opportunities.

Why we do it

The current IT recruitment market is broken. The current tools leveraged by this industry are great at matching candidates with the wrong opportunities, which translates into noisy mailboxes for candidates and wasted time rejecting candidates for employers.

A relevant match between tech and recruitment

Our history

It all started when our founders and lifelong best friends, Corey Demberg and Jason Levy found themselves at a professional crossroads. After a combined 20+ years in the IT recruitment industry Corey and Jason noticed many issues and frustrations that weren’t being addressed.

In order to create change in an industry they needed to do what they’ve done for most of their career and ask for feedback from the market. Digging into what currently works, what doesn’t and asking themselves how they could create a better experience for their partners. This passion to constantly improve through feedback is what drives Avansai.

On the tech side, our founders and lifelong colleagues Nicolas Bouvrette and Marc-Antoine Dubé found themselves on the frustrating side of the recruitment industry. Fending off a sea of inmails for irrelevant positions and having to deal with irrelevant candidate presentations when needing to hire resources, it became obvious that some things had to change for the best of our industry... and technology is the answer.

In 2019, all four founders started Avansai with the specific goals of fixing the recruitment industry by offering a superior experience to employers and candidates.

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