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Specializing in software development roles in Canada, we want to understand what types of technologies, projects, and salaries interest you, so we can keep our eyes on the market and only make you aware of relevant opportunities.

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It’s a competitive market, so simply sending your resume over just doesn’t cut it anymore. We leverage your profile to make you stand out and increase your chances of landing that dream job.

Curated opportunities

The time has come to move away from traditional job descriptions and resumes; our unique platform relies on structured data to only match you with relevant work opportunities.

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Going through an interview process on your own isn't easy. Avansai connects you with an expert to prepare for your interviews and provide advice to better help you get the job of your dreams.

Advance your career

Avansai is there to help you find the one-in-a-million opportunity. Unlike other recruiters, Avansai's unique platform knows exactly what you can do and also what your aspirations are.

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Here’s what developers like you have to say about us.

Michael Notarangelo

Full-stack developer
“It was a great pleasure to work with Avansai to help me find my next career opportunity. From our initial conversation to job offer, they took the time to know my strengths and interests in order to help find the perfect role. They were always available to help in any way they could which in the end led me to landing a job in a fantastic company!”

Jacques Desmarais

Senior full-stack developer
“Avansai genuinely cares and is a true expert at what they do. When I started working with Avansai, I was employed, but dissatisfied. Within a couple of weeks, Avansai got to know me and helped me land a much better job, encouraging and shouldering me throughout the entire process. Avansai genuinely cares and is a true expert at what they do. Avansai, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!”

Julien Clément

Full-stack developer – Gsoft
“People at Avansai are very professional and dedicated. I was very surprised by their great understanding of the technology industry, but also of the developers, of their goals, interests and expectations. I'm very grateful for the good and honest advices. You can be confident they will work to find the right match for you. Thank you!”

Frédéric Deneault

Cyber security
“My experience working with Avansai was amazing. I really felt that they had my best interests in mind. They took the time to understand who I am and what I was looking for. They kept me in the loop and coached me during the whole process.”

Curtis Monroe

Tech lead – SSENSE
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Avansai. In less than a month, Avansai got me a signed job offer for my dream job. I've just started, and I'm happier than ever! Their relationship-building approach to recruiting is a winning formula. Avansai is now helping my friends review their current career situations and explore their career options. Avansai's no-pressure approach feels just like chatting with friends. I'm so glad I picked up the phone.”

Mayank Patel

Product analyst – Explorance
“It was really a delightful experience working with Avansai, Jason got in touch with me and initially, my profile was well understood, and a suitable role was presented to me. Later on, he was in a constant loop with me once he forwarded my profile to the employer. Furthermore, he was very keen on taking strong and timely follow-up after the interviewing process as well, which really helps to escalate the probability of getting sorted out by the employer. The overall experience with Avansai was flawless.”

Jesna Kana Meethal

QA – Explorance
“ I was placed into my current role by Avansai recruitment team. They listen and understand what the clients are looking for. I am very grateful for all the time the team has spent with me and for all the information shared since the beginning of the hiring process.”

Nestor Daza

Engineering director
“Avansai helped me during all the stages of my recruitment process, aligning my skills and expectations with the vision and values of the potential employers.”

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